The iPod mini

Ipod_mini Well, I think Apple blew the price point on this one…$249 is simply too much for this iPod. As CK said you can get a 15GB for $299…

However, I think this little guy is a good indication of where the iPod is going over the next few generations- particularly size-wise. I’m glad they got rid of those awful buttons at the top of the iPod. One of my main reasons for getting the “old school” iPod from CK was the form factor. The new miniPod has improved on the original- instead of taking a step backwards like the current 3G iPods.

I’ll have to see the aluminum finish in person to judge that, but I can imagine it will be beautiful. And the fact there there is no white miniPod could mean no more white Apple products…I can’t wait for the second generation of this little guy….

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