Broken iPod [UPDATED]

[Note: If you are looking for help fixing your iPod, you might want to look at my other post here.]

Apparently Apple did a poor job designing the original iPods. The Firewire port cannot handle the stress from day-to-day use of plugging and unplugging an iPod, which, over time, breaks the port. An analogy would be that the door to your car- over time- would fall off because you open and close it every day. Which is absurd.

Well, apparently this is what has happened to my iPod. It still works fine as an iPod- it just won’t connect to my computer- which means I have a permanent music collection on my Pod. I’ve been troubleshooting this for two days and it appears that I, like many, many others, have a Firewire port that has gone bad. (I would be willing to bet that this is the main reason Apple changed the port on the iPod in the 3rd generation iPods.)

If you’re looking for a replacement part iPod, email me through the "About" page- or keep your eyes on ebay. I’ll be selling this iPod shortly…

I have tried unsuccessfully to fix my iPod. We tried to re-solder the broken firewire connections last week- with no luck. Now I have to wait for A) Apple to release the mini here in the UK or B) get one in the US or have a friend bring one over. Grrrrrr…


  1. Hi, just wanted to ask. I have an ipod that has gone on the blitz. It appears that the hard drive has gone bad, it makes a constant buzzing sound when I turn it on and only the apple appears on the screen. Then a folder comes on that has an exclamation point…
    It is a 40GB ipod. I am in Hungary and live here. My father bought it for me in the states. Just honestly, I don’t know what to do with it… bummer.
    any suggestions.

    broken ipod

  2. hi, i bought an ipod over in canada an now im back in ireland my brother has a different type of ipod than mine but its ok to use his i tunes as well. once i plugged in my ipod a pop-up came on an said to update so i thought to click yes, then something happened an now it wont work!! all that comes onto the screen is like a plug goin into a socket, is all i need a charger or what??

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