Wi-Fi in Europe: Not So Hot

Well, hot on the heels of my disgruntled London Wi-Fi report, The Wall Street Journal has published an article this morning that seconds my opinion: Wi-Fi in Europe is too expensive and isn’t targeted properly.

“On a recent morning, Robert Cameron sipped coffee in a Starbucks shop in London’s financial district, downloading e-mail onto his laptop.

The Starbucks coffee shop has a high-speed Wi-Fi network that its customers can use to surf the Web without wires, but Mr. Cameron, 28 years old, wasn’t using it — the price of £5.50 ($10.31 or €8.25) an hour was just too expensive, he says. Instead, the theater director chose to hook up his computer to the Internet with his mobile phone, even though the connection is much slower than Wi-Fi.”

My point, along with the WSJ, is that these Wi-Fi hotspots simply aren’t practical. Period. If you work with T-mobile or Vodafone, contact me and I’ll be happy to help you solve these issues…

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