rush_hour_con_textoIn support of my last post, The Value of Small, I would like to point out two sites that are “micro businesses”, do not have Venture Capital funding, nor do the entrepreneurs behind them have any immediate intentions of IPOs… They are small businesses built by passionate people.

Two of my friends have been working really hard on their new companies which have just gone live within the past week or so. The first one is i-yo, which offers customized cards with a twist; they are basically mini-fliers to advertise yourself.

I’ve been using prototypes for the past few months here in London, and they have been well received and serve as a conversation piece (which is the point). They are noticeably smaller than what you’re used to and only include your name, email and telephone number- which is all you really need in a social setting. The target market here is 16-30 year olds, so the idea isn’t “power networking”. I think this is going to take off like a rocket this summer in the clubs around Spain…

The second company, Viamedius, has been incubating for at least 4 years…I’ve discussed this idea many, many nights over the past few years. It’s a travel guide site designed to offer first-hand knowledge of travel destinations. We’ve all used Lonely Planet, Frodor’s and Let’s Go- but Viamedius isn’t competing with these types of travel guides. It offers information written by people like you and me about places they know well…it will probably integrate purchasing and making travel arrangements through the site going forward, but for now, it’s just content-based.

Congratulations to both Alex and Champi, glad to see your efforts paying off!

(Just so you don’t wonder where the English version is, both businesses are geared towards people living in Spain. And stay tuned for more “micro-businesses”, I’ve got a few more friends with companies in the works…)

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