.Mac Feedback email

This is a copy of an email I sent Apple earlier today:

Dear .Mac Team,

It’s been slow on the .Mac improvement front lately, except for the pretty facelift. My email still loses sent emails, and I have not received any response regarding that after 2 months. It only took 3 months to resolve an issue with iSync that was on the server side. Not bad for $100 a year.

I’ve pasted below a very friendly email from Microsoft regarding my free Hotmail account. I hope to see some improvement in .Mac soon. Renewal time is approaching you know…

For once, I wish .Mac would actually pull through and offer something resembling value for my money instead of expecting me to prop up Apple’s stock price by shoveling sub-par services to the Mac faithful.


“Dear MSN® Hotmail® Member:

As a valued MSN Hotmail Member, you will receive your storage upgrade automatically in the coming days. Over the month of August we will upgrade the storage capacity of your e-mail account to 250 MB – that’s 125 times your current storage limit! We will also increase your attachment size from 1MB to 10MB. This means you will be able to store and attach more than ever and it’s free!

But that’s not all.

Last month, we upgraded your e-mail account’s anti-virus protection. This makes MSN Hotmail, the only free global e-mail service that both scans and cleans incoming and outgoing email for viruses and worms.

We’d like to thank you for being a valued MSN Hotmail Member and look forward to telling you about even more exciting changes to your Hotmail e-mail account in the coming months. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy your new larger inbox!

Thank you,

MSN Hotmail Member Services”

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