Storage wants to be free

There’s a nice new service out there called Streamload . This would solve *many* of my current file storage and distribution problems.


You have the power to control your files anywhere, anytime. Fast, unlimited, inexpensive, this is the power of the internet used for your convenience —for your needs — for your demanding lifestyle. This is the power of Streamload. Life without limits.”

One interesting twist is that you get 10GB of storage FREE. Your pricing plan is based on how much you download per month. For an offsite backup solution, the $4.95/month gives you 10GB of storage and 2GB of downloads per month. If you want to be able to upload and download the full 10GB it’s only $9.95 per month.

(That beats the pants off of Apple’s $100 per year for a paltry 100MB of online storage. Even my USB flash drive offers more storage than that.)

This is very similar to the type of service that I posted over at my ipod blog a few weeks ago saying that Apple needed to introduce…

Here’s to innovative companies making Apple look like Microsoft. Well, even Microsoft is looking better than Apple these days as far as online services are concerned … (see rant below)

[Jason Ball’s TechBytes]

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