New iPod mini

ipodmini_sizeOn my recent visit to the US, I picked up a silver iPod mini at the Apple Store in Memphis.

I had a 10GB 1st generation iPod that died in January (thanks again for selling me a bum iPod, CK) and have really needed a replacement since then. It was a tough decision between a new 20GB Click Wheel iPod and the iPod mini, but in the end the mini won out because I felt it would the best fit for life in London.

Most people would say that I’m crazy for having bought a 4GB device when I could have purchased a 20GB device for $50 more… but, I move around a lot in the city, and my iPod is always in my pocket. The 10GB was like carrying a brick in the breast pocket of my jacket while the mini is like having a small phone.

And that’s really the what tipped the scale in the mini’s favor: size and weight. It is always with me and I want the lightest device possible. My trips are relatively short (even the occasional trip to Spain takes only 4 hours), so the mini’s capacity isn’t a problem.

Also, I used to backup files to the 10GB iPod. I don’t use the mini for backup purposes anymore. That is what DVDs are for and should I lose my iPod, I really don’t want all those files available to anyone with a firewire port. (Yes, I know they can be encrypted).

4GB of music is more than enough for the morning commute and the occasional trip. Intercontinental flights are a bit more problematic, but I only fly to the US once or twice a year. It’s pretty hard to justify carrying around a larger iPod 363 days a year so that I have a bit more storage space the other 2 days.

My orignal reaction to the iPod mini after its announcement:

Well, I think Apple blew the price point on this one…$249 is simply too much for this iPod. As CK said you can get a 15GB for $299…

However, I think this little guy is a good indication of where the iPod is going over the next few generations- particularly size-wise. I’m glad they got rid of those awful buttons at the top of the iPod. One of my main reasons for getting the “old school” iPod from CK was the form factor. The new miniPod has improved on the original- instead of taking a step backwards like the current 3G iPods.

I’ll have to see the aluminum finish in person to judge that, but I can imagine it will be beautiful. And the fact there there is no white miniPod could mean no more white Apple products…I can’t wait for the second generation of this little guy….

I will say that the alumnimum finish is great, and after two weeks of use it looks like it just came out of the box. I think it’s going to hold up much better than the scratch-magnet original iPod.

The click-wheel is a great piece of engineering as well. It’s much better than the original scroll wheel with the buttons around it and light years ahead of the awful 3G buttons-above-the-wheel model.

The only problem I have encountered is the famous “stuck menu button”. For some reason the Menu button decides to not work and the only way to get it working again is a soft reset (hold down menu and select for 10 seconds). Aside from that one (software) glitch, it’s a fine replacement for my original iPod.


  1. Whoo hooo, you hooked me up. i had no idea how to soft reset my ipod mini. Thanks for the tip. My menu button got jammed too



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