Missing in Action

I haven’t been posting lately because my home was burglarized and all my Macs were stolen.

Until I get back on my feet and get a new 7000lb machine that cannot be stolen, my posting will be basically non-existent. Sorry about that.

Having your home broken into is terrible. Having all your computers stolen is extremely frustrating. But not being able to find new Macs in stock is probably the most aggravating- it makes the transition period back to normal life painfully long.

I will post a guide to smart backups, data redundancy and why .mac has saved my skin once I’m fully back online.

The Sales Learning Curve

I have seen many, many business plans that have made this same logical conclusion: more salesforce means faster sales, leading to faster profitability. Mark makes a really good observation:

When we apply the MLC to sales, we come to the following conclusion: The time it takes to achieve cash flow breakeven is reasonably independent of sales force staffing. It is, instead, entirely dependent on how well and how quickly the entire organization learns what it takes to sell the product or service while incorporating customer feedback into the product itself. Because the entire organization has to come up to speed, hiring a large initial sales staff does not speed up the time to breakeven, it simply consumes cash more quickly.

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