iTunes Music Store Sale

GrammyIn case you didn’t get the reminder email from Apple, all grammy winners are on sale at the iTunes Music Store. I decided to pick up both U2 and Green Day’s new albums.

I also noticed the Cure’s entire discography is now available, along with the new (to the US) compilation “Join the Dots”. I picked up Seventeen Seconds, since I never bought it originally. Listening to old Cure albums really brings out the fact that Disintegration was the last great album the Cure made.

Every time I listen to The Killers, I can’t help thinking “Ooohhh. THAT’s what Robert Smith was trying to sound like on every album for the past 10 years…”


  1. ipods are great, but when the hell are they going to add video converting to the itunes suite, i mean hell they give us quicktime, as a requirement by the way dont try to uninstall it….LOL anyways i have to use a program from CUCUSOFT, what the hell do they have to do with ipods, and how come they have all this miracle stuff coded and it isnt even implemented in ITUNES..

  2. I want to download only 3 of my playlists out of the 7 that I have to a new IPod. I was hoping not to delete them because my IPod only transfers ALL of your playlists. Is there a way?


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