Top music labels try to raise prices for downloads

Again, it looks like the Music Industry just doesn’t get it:

Some leading music labels are in talks with online retailers to raise wholesale prices for digital music downloads in an attempt to capitalise on burgeoning demand for legal online music.

The moves, which suggest the labels want a bigger slice of the fledgling market’s spoils, has angered Steve Jobs, the Apple Computer chief executive behind the iTunes online music store.

Steve’s not the only one furious.

As I said before, music prices should be *lowered* to reflect lower delivery costs, among other things. I have bought more music through the iTunes music store in the past year than I have purchased in the past 10 years combined. Honestly.

If Big Music raises prices, I will stop buying. Period. I will simply download from dark nets and private servers. The funny thing is, I will be the one they call a criminal.


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