Nokia’s iTunes Compatible Phone

01_6230i_lowresNokia introduced three new phones at the 3GSM event. One of them, the 6230i, plays iTunes Music AAC files. I seriously considered buying the 6210 almost one year ago- now that the 6230i plays iTunes files, I think I know what my next phone will be…

Nokia’s 3650


  1. It is true that the new Nokia 6230i plays AAC music files, but that does not automatically mean that it plays AAC files from the iTunes music store. I have not hear of any licensing agreement between Nokia and Apple, so it is difficult for me to believe that this phone will play music purchased from the iTunes music store.

  2. You know Mike, I think you’re right. Apple’s iTMS files have the .m4p extension, not the .m4a advertised on Nokia’s site. Hopefully, Apple will release an iTunes for Nokias or license their Fairplay…

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