Back from Paris

ParisI just got back from Paris, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The people were quite friendly- in contrast to the typical image that Parisians are rude and refuse to speak English. Everyone that I asked (in awful French) “Parlez-vous anglais?” Answered “Yes”.

So, a tip of the hat to Paris. I just wish it hadn’t been freezing cold.


  1. Wow… and when French people come to the USA do they expect you to speak French? No. So why do you expect that they speak English when you visit France?

  2. I expect them to speak English becuase I lived in Spain for almost 7 years (and speak fluent Spanish). Every tourist that ever stopped me said “Hello, could you help me find…” because English is the international language. My wife (Spanish) expects the French to speak English to her. The French visiting Spain never spoke to me in Spanish…always in English.

    It’s horses for courses, really.

    I was happy that the French were obliged to answer in English….(it wasn’t a complaint, it was a complement! One of my dear friends is Parisian.)

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