Hate Mail from Red Herring

I received a hate letter from Red Herring the other day (the irony is after the letter):

Dear Jason Ball,

How long did you expect us to wait?

Months ago we entered a subscription to Red Herring in your name (as you had personally requested) and sent you several issues as promised.

Unfortunately, our records indicate that you haven’t kept your part of the agreement:

This is the 5th invoice we’ve sent you and we still have not received your payment- or even a reply letting us know there was a problem with your subscription.

Maybe you’ve forgotten. Or misplaced our “reminders”. Or maybe, like many business people these days you are very busy and it’s simply slipped your mind. Maybe you do have a problem with your subscription – if so, just let us know now. Subscriber satisfaction is very important to us at Red Herring.

Whatever the reason, we’ve run out of options. Unless we hear from you in the next 10 days. I must inform you that your subscription will be cancelled and your name will be added to our internal Bad Credit line.

We hate to lose you as a subscriber- so we’ve made it easy for you to reinstate your subscription and start receiving Red Herring again: Simply detach the invoice above and send it with your payment in the enclosed envelope today.

Don’t delay. Red Herring is a must read for global business leaders like you.


Daniel Essindi
Chief Operating Officer

The ironic part is, I spent $60 for a Red Herring subscription one issue before they went bust. That’s right, $60 for one paltry magazine. I have sent multiple emails to Red Herring regarding my previous and current subscription (which was charged at the wrong rate)- with no response whatsoever. Just interchange “Jason” for “Red Herring” and this is a letter I could have sent them.

If your customer service is excellent, you can get away with letters like this. But c’mon guys, when I’ve tried to contact you and you owe me a full subscription to start with, this type of letter goes over like a lead balloon.

I’m sure we’ll settle the score one day, but for now making stupid, insulting letters like this public information makes me feel just a little bit better…

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