Review: The Original Tour, London

For anyone thinking of visiting London and taking The Original Tour, I strongly recommend you do NOT use it. We took the tour over the weekend with my inlaws and it has to be the worst service I have ever seen. None of the bus times posted corresponded with what was happening. As a result, we waited 30 min for a bus that never arrived, missed our cruise on the Thames and had to walk home from Buckingham palace because the buses stopped running.

At every stop the people boarding complained at how long it took between buses and that some lines were not running. While waiting for the Original Tour bus, I saw at *least* 10 Big Bus Company buses pass by…

If you’re visiting London, and want to do the tourist thing, stay 100 miles away from The Original Tour. (And after complaining about the crappy service, they aren’t even returning part of our money.)

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