Mac OS X on an Intel Box

If you want to hack an Intel Box to run Mac OS X, here’s how.

This might be your only chance to do so, since I would be willing to bet Apple will be locking things down before they go commercial with Intel chips. So get to it.

Why do I think normal Wintel boxes won’t be able to run OS X? Steve Jobs is a control freak.

One of the main reasons Macs just work is that Apple controls the entire food chain- OS, Hardware, Software, Peripheral, et al. This is one of the main reasons a PC is “Plug and Pray” vs Mac’s “Plug and Play”- and I don’t believe Steve is about to change that…

However, I hope my next Mac will boot into Windoze. I still prefer a PC for Excel (for financial modelling)- that’s one area where my Mac lets me down.

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