Apple’s Mighty Mouse- Mixed Results [Updated]

Like any Mac devotee, I rushed out and bought me a Mighty Mouse as soon as possible. My first impression was good, then I installed Apple’s Mighty Mouse drivers and was met with horror as my System Preferences went haywire. They still switch on me at every restart. [Update] Apparently, this is a widespread problem.

Then my mouse started sticking when I would click. I thought it was me, but I’ve returned the mouse and am sitting here with a new one- I definitely had a defective Mighty Mouse the first time.

I still can’t program the scroll wheel to do a cmd+W. Hopefully, Apple will add more ability to program the mouse *exactly* like you want it, instead of how they want you to use it.

Overall, the mouse performance is fine for my needs- as long as I can add cmd+W- and is light as a feather. It’s just like using the original one-button apple pro mouse, but with the ability to right click. If you’ve got the spare cash, pick one up- just avoid the Apple Mighty Mouse Driver.


Mighty Mouse number two has died. The scroll wheel stopped working last night… It’s going back to the Apple store tomorrow and I’m getting my money back.

Plus, my hand actually hurts from using this mouse. It is incredibly non-ergonmic. I’ve seen other people mention wrist and hand problems after extensive use of this mouse- I can coo-berate those claims. The Mighty Mouse has to be one of the worst releases from Apple in ages.

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