Airport Express Problems

I’ve been having problems with my Airport Express hanging when I’m putting lots of traffic through it. This usually results in me resetting it to get it working again.

After a bit of research on Apple’s Disscussion pages, I came across the following tip:

Open Airport Admin Utility, select the AE and click configure. From the new window click the Network tab. Under AirPort client computers, select "Share a single IP address". From the drop down list choose "Use addressing" (ANYTHING apart from the option, I think this is the problem?). Next click the update button at the bottom right of the window.

If you’re having problems with your Airport Express dropping the connection, hanging, stalling, etc…you might want to try making this minor adjustment. It seems to have solved the issue for me.


  1. Hi, I am experiencing the same problems. but when I click to configure my AE the expanded menu with the ‘network’ option shows up for a second and then transforms into the simplified menu. do you have any ideas? Thank you

  2. I’ve been having the same issues, particularly when streaming music to external speakers. So, I’ve changed the settings as instructed and hope for the best. I’ll report back about whether it worked or not.


  3. Hey, worked great. I have a base station, a relay station in the living room and a client station in the bedroom. I switched networks from 10.x to 192.168.x and it’s been playing fine for the past 30 minutes.

    Odd, but true.

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