Flock- the VC-backed Browser

I’ve been using Flock a lot lately. I’m a software junkie and love testing new apps and services. Flock takes a different approach to the browser by integrating “tools that make it easier to blog, publish your photos and share and discover things that are interesting to you.”

What has surprised me most is that it is a venture backed company. Both Bessemer Venture Partners and Catamount Ventures are backing the business. There’s an interesting twist on their business model:

Flock includes a nod to Google text typed in the URL bar performs an automatic Google search and points the browser to the top result. There’s also a Yahoo component, with a search box that defaults to Yahoo built into the top right corner.

Those functions generate revenue based on users clicking on the search engines’ contextual ads. Flock will also earn money from directing its users to partner services, for example Flickr or Six Apart’s blogging service TypePad, or through affiliate programs like Amazon.com’s.

And those relationships are enough to be a viable business model, contended Mr. Decrem.

I was very pleased to see their approach to the browser- as a blogger Safari is 1000 miles away from my needs. Even rich text editing in Typepad doesn’t work. I’m equally pleased to see their fresh approach to a business model around the browser.

Best of luck to you guys.


  1. I think it’s easier nowdays to raise funding from tech entrepreneurs who has already built and divested their tech businesses rather than from venture capital funds. Quintura with its advanced search technology is a very good example.

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