Has AIM taken NASDAQ’s crown?

John Polden of MTI Partners asks this question in the latest edition of Real Deals.

The comments are the result of a study conducted by London Business School and MTI Partners: AIM- Friend or Foe. A few highlights indicate that if AIM hasn’t taken NASDAQ’s crown, it is certainly heir to the throne:

– More than 60 early stage companies IPO yearly, more than seen on Nasdaq over the past few years

– Floating on AIM costs approximately 50% less than Nasdaq

– No market cap restrictions. The average market cap was £28m (Approx. $50m USD) for 2004.

– Lighter regulations than Sarbanes-Oxley

I’ve pointed out previously that AIM is one of several reasons why early stage investing is arguably more attractive in the UK than in the US. John’s comments only strengthen that argument.

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