Searching for a new SearchFox

I was heart-broken when SearchFox closed down last month. I’ve been searching in vain for a new "intelligent" RSS reader. So far I’ve signed up for Findory, Attensa and Personal Bee. None of them seem to be as good as SearchFox was. Does anyone have any better suggestions to cope with RSS information overload?

Also, if you are UK-based, developing a product in in this space and looking for seed funding, send me an email (techbytes at mac dot com).


  1. After having tested at least a dozen in the last two years I think that Sharpreader is quite a decent desktop-based one for handling a multitude of feeds (300+ in my case). Yet I am still looking for the right web-based one.

  2. Jason,
    I can’t believe this category hasn’t produced something better than what passes for state of the art today. I’ve gone through at least a dozen RSS readers and the closest I’ve come to satisfied is FeedDemon, which I abandoned when I started to use Onfolio but returned to when Newsgator synced the product up with their online service (I use multiple computers). However, I have switched to a Mac for part of the time and FD is Windows only, so based on a recommendation from Ross Mayfield I went with NetNewsWire, which I am liking.

    The problem with all of the readers on the market today is that they work best with under 200 feeds, anything more than that and they just start to break at the seams.

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