Tesco.com Shopping

Since CK brought it up, yes, I have started using Tesco to order my groceries online. The price points are good (Tesco’s cheap) and delivery is only £3.99. That compares very favorably to Ocado.co.uk, who has Waitrose’s prices (high) and a £5 delivery charge + £5 if you live in central London.

At £3.99 for delivery, it’s really not worth me making the trip to the supermarket and burning my Saturday morning to stock up for the week. I can stop by Borough Market (one of the best markets in London) during lunch and grab some fresh ingredients any day of the week to supplement my online purchases (and we have a Tesco express downstairs if I need eggs, milk, etc.).

I’m sold on online shopping. It’s cheap, convenient and delivered to your door.

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  1. Agreed. Back in the day I really liked the urban fetch and cosmo type services. If only they put together a decent business model i.e. just charge a little for delivery!

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