Second Chance Tuesday [Updated]

I’m off to the Second Chance Tuesday meeting this eveing. Look forward to seeing how the First Tuesday 2.0 compares to the original.

Well, Second Chance Tuesday felt just like the bubble years all over again. The place was packed with  entrepreneurs and VCs – and it’s only their second event. Don’t know the numbers last night, but it was pretty close to the 1,000 that attended the last one.

My favorite question 2.0 for the budding entrepreneurs: "What’s your business model?" The answers ranged from "what?" to "we’re turning over £1.5m".

I noticed BT had their Web 2.0 program director there. I wish I could have spoken to him. There were quite a few web 2.0 companies fishing around for funding (none with a business model however).

If you’re in London, I’d recommend you attend the next one- it’s good fun and brings back fond memories. (No schwag though.)


  1. You guys co-invested with Julie Meyer of Ariadne for Intamac. Did she attend Second Chance Tuesday considering her previous involvement?

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