Seraphim Capital- Enterprise Capital Fund

As pointed out in my previous post, we’ve been awarded a £30 million Enterprise Capital Fund, one of the four Enterprise Capital Funds announced to date. The announcement from the dti comes alongside Amadeus Capital Partners’ ECF fund as well.

The fund is a co-investment model, much like London Seed Capital, providing venture capital to companies in the equity gap. It will consider companies across the UK and will be investing in slightly later stage companies – those companies seeking between £600k and £1.5m, but still pre-series A funding. The managing partners include GLE (London Seed Capital’s parent), New Vantage Group, based in Washington D.C. along with Pi Capital, based here in London, among many others.

This fund goes further than London Seed Capital to provide venture capital to companies operating in the equity gap. This round of funds is a pathfinder round- with the intent to roll out the successful models on a wider basis.


  1. Well done on raising the fund – am assuming your website is still in development? Look forward to hearing more news about you guys.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. Good job on getting Pi on board. They’ve got a great team and merged with iGabriel which was set up by Charlie Muirhead of Orchestream and Nexagent.

    By the way interesting investment criteria – £600k to £1.5m, but still pre-series A – I think that is just right.

  3. Question: London Seed Capital invested in Sportizus alongside Bridges Community Ventures whom I met recently. Considering that Seraphim is substantially larger fund size than London Seed, what’s the view around volume for doing syndicated transactions?

  4. Seraphim is a co-investment fund, so by nature all deals will be syndicated with angels. It’s very likely that the fund will co-invest alongside other institutional money as well- much like London Seed Capital has done.

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