Cleantech Venture Network Conference notes and thoughts

I was at the Cleantech Venture Network London event the latter half of last week. I left the event on an upbeat note, just after the IPO session.

A few interesting data points were thrown out at the audience, some of which I was aware, but are worth repeating:

Europe and AIM IPOs are higher than the US for venture-backed companies. The US venture funds in the audience are clearly looking at AIM as a viable alternative to NASDAQ. There were a slew of American investors that had come over for specifically for the event. One key driver: on average, the percent change in market cap since flotation is 84% for AIM. That’s a spectacular growth story, and is hard to ignore. The outliers are best performance: 1,094% and worst performance: -96%. Niel Suslak from Braemar Energy Ventures highlighted those figures.

Another interesting point that came from the panel of institutional investors: We will invest in loss making companies- even if they will not make profit for 12 months or longer. That’s a powerful message for early stage venture capitalists.

The other key issue was that AIM is undeniably the leading market for cleantech/greentech companies looking to go public. There are 50 companies currently listed on AIM in this space.

Cazenove highlighted the numbers of IPOs they’re seeing: approx 15 per week, versus 2-3 per week a year ago.

Overall it was an excellent, well run event. If you’re investing in green tech, I recommend you attend one of their upcoming conferences or attend next year’s event.

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