10 tips for a perfect pitch

The guys over at Fleck have posted their top ten tips for pitching to VCs. It’s pretty clear they’ve been through this more than once.

Tip 3 is a real winner. We’ve run investment readiness programs where the entrepreneurs were filmed giving their pitch and answering questions about the business. The pitch improved 1000x the second time and the body language wasn’t as defensive during questions. It’s a very, very good exercise if you’re preparing any presentation.

Another favorite: Tip 10 – Don’t pick a fight.

Part of my questioning approach is to see if I can rustle an entrepreneurs feathers- simply to see how they will respond or react. It could be challenging the company’s strategy, salaries, valuation, etc. It’s ok to disagree with the VC, but don’t get into a fight. If you fight with me do you fight with customers, partners, employees, and so on?

[Via alarm:clock]

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