American Expat Meetup

I received an email today to forward on inviting any American expats I know re the upcoming Meetup here in London, so I thought I’d post instead.

If you are an American (Canadians welcome too) living in London, I’d highly recommend you attend one of the Meetups. Most of the expats I’ve met have had a very similar profile to me: living abroad for ~10 years, a healthy appreciation for The Daily Show, married to a non-US citizen, multi-lingual, educated abroad, etc. (i.e., not college exchange students.)

Funnily enough, I met Dan Carter, principal at Conduit Ventures at a meetup ages ago.

I tend to only hit the big Meetups these days- 4th July, Turkey-fest and Christmas party, but have made some really good friends through the network, but it was a good starting point when I first arrived in London.

If anyone picks up on this and is attending, drop me a line at techbytesatmacdotcom.

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