New UK VC Bloggers

alarm:clock has highlighted two new VC blogs from Nic Brisbourne (Esprit Capital Partners) and Fred Destin (Atlas Venture), both UK based.

One is the loneliest number, so I was delighted when I met Paul Fisher last year, even if he’s on the advisory side, he’s still intimately familiar with this end of the market. Then Max Bleyleben at Kennet joined and now Nic and Fred. I’m glad to see we now have 4 VC bloggers- from Seed up to Growth capital commenting on what’s happening in the UK.

(There are also rumors that one of the guys at Amadeus has a blog in stealth mode…we’ll see when he makes an official appearance.)

I’m always impressed by the prolific blogging of my fellow Americans back in the US. I can get a post out once per week at a push- I simply don’t have the time. Maybe now with a bit of a blogging community I’ll be pressed to get out there and blog more…


  1. Hi, I like your reading list. Also, do you think, anyone may want to venture with me into a world that combines riding/physiology and thinking/history (antiquity and What is Capitalism?) Greetings, C.

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