Business Angels: US vs UK

I was interviewed yesterday about university spinouts, seed funds and angels for a report focusing on the “Equity Gap” in the UK. Normally, I don’t have much to post about angels, but this tech:gigger post over at alarm:clock caught my eye earlier in the week.

Now, our conversation centered on comparing US angels to UK angels/entrepreneurs recycling their cash and know-how, which we see plenty of through the London Business Angels network – and their involvement in some of our investments has been invaluble. The fact that most UK entrepreneurs may not be worth $100s of millions like in the US doesn’t really matter, they are worth £10s of millions, and they do have the time, skills and money to put to work.

But, just when I thought the UK was catching up with the US, something like the post above comes along and blows me away. I can’t imagine an angel from our network posting an open offer like those… it just shows how those two regions (Bay Area and Seattle) continue to set the pace.

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