Techcrunch UK launches

Techcrunch has set up shop in the UK. Call me cynical, but this type of expansion hasn’t worked well in the past. The Last Great Expansion was just before the bubble burst- I was working on the team that was going to launch Business 2.0 in Spain (remember Business 2.0 Uk, The Industry Standard and Red Herring 1.0?). That was just before everything went pear shaped and has me eyeing Techcrunch’s arrival with suspicion.

Plus, I think there is an amazing amount of hype and me-too products in the Web 2.0 space just like 1999.

That said, sites like Techcrunch act as a water-cooler for entrepreneurs and funders alike. I see there is an “Events” tab- which hopefully will aggregate the multitude of networking events and conferences in London and the UK: we’ve also seen the revival of First Tuesday with Second Chance Tuesday and I received an invite for the Internet People dinners next month as well. Geek Dinner has been going for a while, and I’m sure there are many more I’m unaware of. It would be great if Techcrunch UK could pull those and others together into a single resource.


  1. Hi Jason

    I understand the concern. I was around in the last bubble and saw Business 2.0 and Red Herring come and go. TCUK was an idea driven out of the UK by me and a few friends who run these events in London. We were going to run our own blog called Unplugged London but felt the TechCrunch brand pull would get wider awareness and coverage. We felt that TechCrunch didn’t cover the UK well and that the companies in the UK space were not getting the expose they deserved. I have updated the events page and will be working on the job page shortly.

    My main focus will be to “try” and pull the information into one palce to increase awareness and see where it goes from there.


  2. Hey ! I still got two t-shirts from the original Business 2 euro launch. If I remember correctly we had the t-shirts, bags, launch issue, then lights out !! I think this time around it takes less money to run a good blog. Editorial is very poor at most trade rags b/c the contributors are so young, so keeping good editorial content running will keep us happy and reading. Assume €4 CPM and it is easy to figure out how much audience you would need to keep a couple of editors happy…

  3. Hi Sam,

    I agree, the brand will help move things in its own right. Also, as you identified, there’s a definite need for a market maker – I see no reason why TCUK couldn’t achieve a First Tuesday status in the events world- it certainly seems to have state side.

    The job listings will be good for start ups and VCs as well. Alarm:clock EU have a job board, but it doesn’t seem to have much activity. Perhaps TCUK, by focusing on the UK, can achieve critical mass…

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