Rojo gets acquired / using Feeds 2.0

So, Rojo was bought by Six Apart according to VentureBeat. I begrudgingly migrated to Rojo after SearchFox was purchased by Yahoo. Rojo wasn’t perfect, but it was much better than Bloglines, et al. I’ve never been a fan of social news sites – the wisdom of the masses doesn’t really cover VC interests.

So now that Rojo’s been taken over and Six Apart have little plans for it, my next feed reader will be Feeds2.0. I’ve been trialing Feeds 2.0 for a while, but could never make the switch because it (oddly) couldn’t mark feeds as "read". That’s been fixed now, so I’m going to start using it as my primary RSS reader.

Feeds2.0 promises to use AI in the same way that SearchFox was a "smart" feed reader. The key thing that I’ve been looking for is a reader that’s smart enough to show me the top 20 post that are most relevant to me based on my personal reading habits (using both implicit and explicit learning). SearchFox was a master at this before it’s demise (I won’t mourn it’s passing again Jeff). The key is the "ranking" or in Feed 2.0’s case, the article’s score. The other new addition to Feeds 2.0 is related articles drawn from my own feeds:


In addition to monitoring your reading habits, you can manually train the system based on like (heart) and dislike (arrow). If Feeds 2.0 has a really good AI  in place, then the system should be giving me excellent results in about a weeks time. I’ll report back in on it’s progress.

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