Digital Media- Value Added Content

In my last post, I argued movie downloads need a bit of improvement and that the price point should be better.

Rather than drop the price, another way to look at it is value for money. I’ve said before that iTunes is pushing things in the right direction. I downloaded Beck’s new album over the weekend. The tipping factor was the inclusion of 15 videos along with the album. Coldplay’s video album similarly convinced me to buy concert footage I would otherwise never buy.

This is the same direction that DVD downloads need to take- giving customers something extra or different to what the physical product has always offered.

I also picked up that many people feel movie downloads are too slow- my suggestion would be to get a faster pipe. I saw an ad on a black cab today offering 24MB connection for £24 a month. At those speeds, video playback is basically instantaneous- even at much higher definition.

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