VC Blogger Meetup [Updated]

Fred’s posted a brief recap of Thursday night with the Five Horsemen (Fred, Nic, Shantanu, Paul and me). Max couldn’t make it, but hopefully he’s a proud new father now…

As Fred highlights, one of the issues discussed was the poor state of blogging tools. I’ve been trying out one of Fred’s suggestions- Flock– since Thursday. I used the browser last year and even looked at their business model, but wasn’t convinced it was the browser for me and haven’t really looked at it again.

However, that opinion is changing. I do like the simple blogging interface and have re-discovered the built-in RSS reader. I have been asked to beta test Flock’s 1.0 release, so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s new under the hood.


Shantanu and Nic have posted their thoughts on the night as well.


  1. Looks like Blogtronix is Enterprise software, rather than for individual bloggers. Our comments were more around blogging tools or desktop apps to make blogging easier.

    Is there something I missed about Blogtronix?

  2. I’m sorry to have missed the inaugural London bloggers’ drinks. But I’m happy to report that my excuse has panned out beautifully: my first daugther, Philomena Sophie, was born at 10:40am that morning. All are well & elated with the new arrival. Hope to see you guys for the next drinks soon.

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