Abel & Cole- Healthy Eating

 Last night was the belated Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house. As the entire evening revolved around food, the conversation turned to online shopping and where to get good food. My friends suggested Abel & Cole. I had never heard of but apparently they supply Londoners with boxes of organic, fresh, in season, fruit and veg. You pick your family size and box size/type, sign up and fresh veg arrives at your door every week.

We’re going to give it a whirl- we keep getting stuck in a rut buying the same things (Tesco online shopping is great, but it gets a bit monotonous. This should mix things up a bit.


  1. So I’m extremely interested in Abel & Cole. It makes me disappointed that they are only in London, though. I think it’s a great idea and I was hoping you could tell me how it works for you. Does the food always arrive 100% fresh? Do you get to choose the different veggies and fruits that arrive EVERY time?–there are some fruits and veggies I just don’t like and I wouldn’t want them being delivered to me and having to pay for them. What if your family can’t eat THAT much fruit and veg? Do you just go down a box size or can they tailor it to you? I mean, if you have two adults, a teenager and one small child, obviously the adults will eat more than the small child. How do they compensate for that? Also, I’d like to know exactly how the refund policy works for them or if you’ve never had to deal with that aspect of the business.

  2. The veggies are insanely fresh. If you don’t like tomatoes, for example, you indicate in your profile that you don’t like them and they’ll never send you tomatoes.

    They offer many, many sizes of boxes for families and babies. You can get them weekly, you can get them bi-weekly, etc. We get one box one week and two boxes the next week- that tends to provide just enough food…

    Customer service in my experience has been excellent. If there were a refund to be had, I can’t see them giving you any problems.

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