Pre-roll’s Dead?

Fred got the ball rolling, Tim picked it up and agreed but Paul thinks otherwise.

One of our investments is in a Post-production software company, Imagineer Systems.

Imagineer are to video what Massive are to gaming. Imagineer’s software has been used on Harry Potter, X-men III, Pirates of the Caribbean II, Casino Royale, and so on. They have the ability to delete or insert images or parts of images as needed for motion pictures. They are now broadening their focus to included user generated content and online media. 

The same way we have various types of advertising on webpages- not all ads are annoying pop-ups- we’ll have a variety of in-video advertising. Some types are more appropriate in certain situations- for example pre-roll in a mobile video is not feasible, but product placement is. An art video, like the ones Fred is always posting from Daily Motion, probably aren’t appropriate for product placement.

Like everything, variety is the spice of life…

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