Things to do and see in Spain

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Last night was the flight back to London from the US. The (unlucky) lady sitting beside me was also and expat and was making plans to visit Barcelona, so since I lived there for 6 years I gave her a few highlights of things to do and see in Barcelona:

Take the "Bus Turistic", it costs about 15 Euros and takes you straight to the things you want to see. You get about 2 Euros off at each museum/site so you amortize the 15 Euros pretty quickly…

Top things to see:
Sagrada Familia
La Pedrera
Casa Mila

Top places to eat:
Hostal de la rita
Mama Cafe
Ciudad Condal

The picture to the right is from Valencia- I also recommended that she make a point of visiting Valencia during Las Fallas this year. Seeing (or hearing rather) a mascleta in person is absolutely spectacular. There are a few other cool pics of las fallas here as well


  1. I guess your post should be titled “Things to do and see in Barcelona” because there is much more to see in Spain (and in Valencia)

  2. Lots more to see all around, but since I threw in Valencia, a post dedicated to Barcelona wouldn’t really be fair…just a few tidbits from a conversation on a plane last night though…

  3. Some friends and I plan to go to Spain in October. The thing is we’re going a little crazy figuring out where to go. Portugal, France and Morocco have even been mentioned, but I think it might be too overwhelming. We want to have a good time and not be rushing things. Do you have any suggestions on the best cities to hit? And do you think that visiting sorrounding countries is feasible? I would love to go to the Canary Islands..but I think I’ve gone too far! It’s only 2 weeks!

  4. Rebekkah

    Sounds like you’re planning a LOT. I’d par it down to one country only- either France or Spain. Morocco and the Canary Islands are pretty far away (especially the canary islands).

    You could always visit southern France and parts of Spain by car…

    Just a thought…

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