Thoughts on Macworld

I was asked yesterday what I thought about the iPhone. My gut reaction was, "bleh". Nice, but I’m not going to rush out and get one. I will probably wait until the chipset supports 2MB download speeds- making it a viable internet device. The functionality that Steve demoed would come in very handy in central London. The price point as offered on at 899 and 999 Euro seems a bit steep for what the phone currently offers as well…

The killer intro (well, update) was the Apple TV. I was hoping to buy one this weekend at the Apple Store on Regent Street. I’m an iTunes junkie (see previous post comments). I buy Season Passes for Lost, etc. and download movies as well. I’m a compulsive subscriber to video podcasts. Having all of that accessible from the comfort of my sofa is very attractive. Watching "Me TV" is much better than some house developer show or reality TV format on Channel 4….throw in access to my music collection from our media server and we’re rollling.

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