Zlango- Benchmark and Accel’s latest deal [Updated]

Accel and Benchmark have completed a $12 million investment into Israeli start-up Zlango. Maybe I’m just not getting it, because immediate thoughts are:



So I asked Judy (Gibbons) of Accel this afternoon about the Zlango investment. She gave me a plausible explanation of the capital deployment and revenue model. I don’t think Accel would thank me for discussing here, but she’s addressed my key questions: why $12 million and where’s the revenue model.



  1. Useful, perhaps. Able to generate revenue, big question mark.

    Even if they’re selling/licensing to operators, I can’t see the multi-million dollar revenue stream here.

    Habbo hotel should have hit the $70 million mark last year. I’m guessing that Second Life is going to be behind that (b/c that’s a serious revenue stream), but revenue generating nonetheless. I’d be very surprised if zlango can produce those levels of revenue.

  2. have to say i don’t get it either. this is marginally interesting – even according to my three kids. its like second life – i am just waiting for the clown to pop out of the screen and reveal that all this has been a joke that i am not privy to.

    Also if anyone has seen the fabulous Jean Shepard story/movie called, “A Christmas Story” you might remember that the 11 year old protaganist uses a decoder ring very much like this to decode a message from little orphan annie. the message ends up being “always drink your ovaltine” – Will that be the revenue model? pictographic coded adverts?

    when do we get back to building killer systems!

  3. You must have gone through a lot of trouble trying to write “Me say zlango no worth 12 million money” in zlango language, instead of just typing it.

    If so… then isn’t this a clear sign that this investment will fail ?

    (thank god you also wrote the words under the icons so i could understand what you wanted to say!)

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