Is there a growing Web 2.0 bubble?

This was one of the questions put to me at tonight’s London Business School entrepreneurship gala. My answer was “Did you see the $100 million valuation of the family tree site, Geni?”

I literally fell off my chair when I saw the announcement that Geni raised $10 million at a $100 million post only 7 weeks after raising their $1.5 million seed round. Supposedly they have 100,000 registered users with 2 million “nodes”.

Maybe being an only child limits my excitement about a family networking site…


  1. They are worth it!

    See why it can really become addictive in Arrington’s

    And from my personal experience, I know how difficult
    it is to use all these client programs that generate
    these trees (incompatibilities, bugs, etc). People will
    get hooked more and more… and perhaps geni will really manage to make one giant tree of the “whole” world!

    ‘m NOT affiliated with them in ANY way. I live in Europe 🙂

  2. is such a great idea! I just did a blog post about over on Highbrid Nation if you want to check it out. I look forward to building my tree and maybe meeting some new family members along the way. I think the site has a great future.

  3. Kincafe is a web 2.0 family social network– latest updates from one’s family & friends, build and linking family trees together, birthdays and anniversaries, share photo albums, blogs and other family treasures such as scrapbooks, interests and family news.

    Core of Kincafe is “Family tree based navigation technology” which allows one to easily reach anyone within core and extended families. One no longer need to remember different website, home page URLs and email id’s just to reach family.

    Kincafe is highly secure- one has complete control over who can see family’s content and gets to decide who to allow viewing family’s content.

    Keywords: family network connect social together group web2.0 ajax album photos kincafe kin ancestry heritage genealogy

    For any any further information, please get in touch with

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