Open Source Artificial Intelligence

Numenta made their software available (for educational use) earlier this month. In case you haven’t heard of these guys, their platform for intelligent computing (NuPIC)

…implements a hierarchical temporal memory system (HTM) patterned
after the human neocortex. [They] expect NuPIC to be used on problems that,
generally speaking, involve identifying patterns in complex data. The
ultimate applications likely will include vision systems, robotics,
data mining and analysis, and failure analysis and prediction.

Numenta’s platform builds intelligence from scratch- in the same way a human baby does. What is immensely powerful is that machine-based intelligence is only a download away for other machines, no learning required. I can only imagine what happens when multiple applications built on the NuPIC platform are merged into an integrated system.

I’m looking forward to working with the HTM technology. One of the areas I’m interested in looking into is seeing if Numenta’s algorithm can help me discover the most relevant articles in my multitude of feeds based on my previous reading habits (a perennial favorite of mine).

Anyone else seen any interesting AI applications I should be looking at/testing?

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