Back up your Mac [Updated]

Anyone who knows me knows I’m seriously paranoid when it comes to backups. I have two duplicates of my hard drive that I rotate out monthly and store off-site and have mission critical files backed up daily online. I even have priceless photos stored on DVD on two continents in case one continent sinks.

Now, I have Mozy, the snazzy new client for Mac OS X. Apparently it’s good enough for GE who have recently contracted with the company to provide point and click backup for 300,000+ employees and good enough for Tim Draper to invest into.

Mozy gives you unlimited online backup space for $4.95/month. Which means about 120GB for me…ymmv.

They’ve taken the easy to use quickpicks philosophy introduced by Apple’s Backup and added Retrospect’s incremental backup process- which means after a full backup, only the files that change are uploaded- and also it constantly polls your system for new/changed files and then uploads those automatically. All this means you have an off-site copy of all your files (music, photos, email attachments, etc.)

If I don’t see any serious glitches (it *is* still in beta), I will definitely be signing up for the service.

[Update May 22nd]

I have now parted with $54 for 1 yr of the service. Mozy has been quietly backing up my system happily and efficiently. I’ve spot-checked and done a few delete/restores. Seems to be doing what it should do… Highly recommended.

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