VC background resource: The Funded

I picked up on The Funded through a comment on Shantanu’s blog. The Funded offers entrepreneurs (only) an opportunity to post and rate venture firms from across the world. There aren’t many comments for UK/EU funds though, but I did find a few posts on us and some other funds in London:

London Seed Capital
Jason Ball has an interesting blog which is a lot about technology and very little else – this is interesting considering their portfolio is so spread out so it lacks a team with solid industry expertise.

Atlas Venture
some very good people with this firm, although the euro nature of the firm has with it some extremely snobby partners. they leave you alone, way too much. no support beyond the cash infusion.

Index Ventures
Pitched to these guys and got the “hey this is really cool” feedback but then they never followed up. I don’t mind being told no or some euphemism for no, but it doesn’t reflect well on a fund when they “mail it in”.

If you’ve dealt with (and preferably received funds from) a VC, I would recommend you post your experience on the Funded.

One of the key things I suggest companies we’re investing into do is call up a few CEOs from our portfolio to see what working with us is like…and if you’re considering which VC to approach, The Funded might help with that thought process.

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