TechBytes en Español

Ok, I lived in Spain for 6 years. Someone was looking at the site in Spanish via Google’s translation service, so I decided to take a look at my site in Spanish:

My posts are unbelievably unintelligible when translated by machine. The last post on “the Funded” turns into mush- the name “London Seed Capital” gets translated, the website “The Funded” gets translated, “Index Ventures” gets translated- all translated into a big pile of gobbled gook.

Taking the Spanish and feeding it back in to get English again gives you an idea:

Capital of seed of London – The ball of Jason has blog interesting that is much on technology and very little – this one is interesting considering its list is so separated towards it go so it lacks to equipment with solid masters of the industry.

Company of the atlas – some very good people with this company/signature, although the nature of euro of the company/signature has with her some partners extremely snobby. they leave you single, way too much. no aid beyond the cash infusion.

Companies of the index – One lies down to these individuals and obtained “to hey this” really fresh regeneration but then never followed. I do not concern the being said of not or a certain eufemismo for no, but it does not reflect well in a bottom when “they send it in”.

Too funny.

Si no sabes leer ingles y quieres leer algún articulo mío en español (y no te aclaras con la traducción de Google) envíame un email a techbytes arroba mac punto com y te lo traduciré.

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