Mahalo- the human powered search engine [Updated]

Well, my good friend CK has been plugging away at his new gig with Jason Calacanis for the past 5 months in stealth mode… They took the wrappers off the new search service, Mahalo, yesterday at the Wall Street Journal’s D Conference. Mahalo’s goal is to hand-write the top 10,000 search terms.

The brief fact sheet:

  • Company Name:, Inc.
  • Located: 10,000 square foot factory in Santa Monica.
  • Category: Human-powered search.
  • Launch Time/Date: 3PM PST, May 30th 2007.
  • Launch location: Wall Street Journal’s D Conference, Four Seasons Aviara (northern San Diego). D Conference Website:
  • Product Launch Schedule: Currently in Alpha with the
    Internet’s 4,000 most popular searches; will move to Beta at the end of
    2007 with 10,000 pages, and launch shortly thereafter.
  • Founder & CEO: Jason McCabe Calacanis, 36 years old.
  • Previously: CEO of Weblogs, Inc. Weblogs, Inc. was
    purchased by AOL/TW for a reported $30M; CEO of Silicon Alley Reporter
    magazine and Venture Reporter; purchased by Dow Jones.
  • Investment: Two rounds, amount undisclosed.

Pretty cool. Congrats man!


Fred Wilson has posted a bit more about Mahalo as he knows Jason well and his firm has invested in Mahalo. Tim Marman brings up the fact that CK worked with Jason at Netscape as managing editor- so it makes sense for him to work with Jason here…

CK was at TUAW (the unoffical apple weblog), which was part of the Weblogs, Inc family that was sold to AOL. Jason has also helped CK with his offline publishing deals- so there’s a couple years of history of Jason and CK working together on editing and publishing.

CK’s not a shy guy, so there are posts on Mahalo, pics on his website and a bit more context as well.

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