San Fran Brightoncisco

03I’d missed this post over at Blognation while I was away on vacation earlier this month.

The post highlights the high levels of cool things happening in Brighton and Sussex comparing the area to San Francisco. A quick review of Wiredsussex (one of the cooler recruitment sites around. Picture to the left from their site) will give you an idea of start-up activity.

Universities are also highlighted, but it doesn’t mention that the Sussex University has some of the best natural language processing experts around. We invested into Magpie– a Brighton based company search company- about 14 months ago and I’ve seen the number of startups in the region really ramp up.

Glad to see the area getting some coverage alongside Oxford and Cambridge. (Bristol is another hot spot to watch).


  1. Check out for a focus on whats happening down here – or just add us to your Twitter 🙂

    I’d never heard of Magpie, looks interesting.

    I also wanted to add that I really don’t like the name Brightoncisco, I think it implies we (down in Brighton) want to be like San Fran, and while I’m sure if Brighton grows in that way there would be cross over, but it implies a copy to me – not sure a copy is positive.

  2. I kind of agree- i think Europe needs to find it’s own path, not copy the US. (Disclaimer: I am a US ex-pat.)

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the san fran moniker though, it’s kind of like the pitch line “We are what ____ is to _____ for ____”, i.e. “We are what Massive is to in game advertising for the online video market” (pitch line for our company Mirriad). Just substitute in San Francisco…

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