Promoting Europreneurship- what’s next?

San FranBrightoncisco, Silicon Fen (Cambridge), Silicon Glen (Scotland), Silicon Isle (Ireland), Silicon Ditch (London)- whatever you call it, how do we make it better?

Saul has spearheaded seedcamp, we’re running our accelerator program for the 4th time, some universities have speaker programs, corporates are actively supporting start-ups (Microsoft, Oracle, Google) and there’s an ever-growing list of great events to attend (even first tuesday is back)- which is great, but it’s all top-down and by nature available to all of about three companies.

I ran across a few posts from Ireland over the weekend which were good food for thought: Conor’s post on David Heinemeier Hansson, a response over at Pinstripe and further comment at waveson.

Basically, what we seem to need are guys like David to start inspiring others to start writing amazing code- and then we’re really onto something…

What do you think- what’s next and what’s needed?


  1. Thanks for the mention Jason.

    I think the solution to getting the right environment will be lots of little things nudging it along. That’s why a bunch of us in Ireland are involved in things like BarCamp, OpenCoffee, Web2Ireland, Paddy’s Valley etc

    On that point, Web2Ireland is running DemoBar in Dublin on September 13th. This is an opportunity for ten Irish web start-ups to demo their products to an assembled crowd of their peers, Irish Investors, UK Investors, the press, the FOWA Road-Trip guys and others. We’d love if you or any of your colleagues could attend. Info on

    p.s. last attempt to post this comment resulted in it being swallowed.

  2. Conor

    I agree- lots of little things need to add up to make Europe a place for budding entrepreneurs. One thing that’s helping is successful entrepreneurs- as obvious as that sounds- it’s the number one thing I think will tip the scales.

    Thanks for the invite for web2ireland- I’m land locked here in London, but maybe I can make the next one?

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