Europe gets an iPhone. Or not. (Well, kind of…) [Updated]

Where is the iPhone 2, with 3G for European markets? A truckload of journalists were shuttled into BBC’s offices to view the Stevenote:

New nano. Check.
New iPod Classic. Check.
New iPod Touch. Check.
New cheaper iPhone. Check.
New 16GB iPhone- now available in Europe. Or not. (see iPod Touch above)

That’s a load of unhappy journalists and unhappy mac fans. Maybe we’ll get an iPhone for Christmas….

[Update] 18th September

iPhones before Christmas! There’s lots of complaining going on that it’s not 3G and that Nokia phones are better, blah blah. I’m not going to sit around for 12 months waiting for Apple to sort out the battery issues associated with 3G chips.

The Cloud integration is good- and the £35 per month isn’t much more than my current Vodafone contract…

[Update] 29th September

The Cloud today announced that it is giving Wi-Fi access to owners of Apple’s new iPod touch in thousands of hotspots across the UK. From Monday, users will be able to use their iPod touch to access the internet and Apple’s online iTunes service in Wi-Fi hotspots provided by The Cloud.

The new Wi-Fi service, called Cloud Unlimited Music, will be available from Monday 1st October 2007 for £3.99 per month, specifically for iPod touch, and is not subject to any minimum term contract.

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