Coda- one window web development for OS X


I’ve been using Panic’s Coda, everything-web-development tool, and agree with others, it is the bee’s knees. Not only is it a great web development tool, it’s five tools in one window: HTML Editor, CSS Editor, Terminal, FTP, Browser and Library.

One of the great features is saving your work on a “Site”. When you close Coda, all the tabs you had open while working on a particular site are saved- essentially saving your entire workspace. Split windows are really helpful as well. Another useful (unless you’re a ninja coder) is the Book Library integration. You have HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP reference manuals built right in- which means you can find specific code in 3 nano seconds.

The software is at 1.0.3, so it’s very early days, but the software shows lots of promise. Ruby on Rails integration is (rumored) to be coming as well.


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