Nsyght- Social Search Bookmark Drive


The guys over at Nsyght have asked that I help spread the word about their “bookmark drive”:

Nsyght is building what we hope to be a new type of social search, a search that is directly driven and personalized by your bookmarks. What does that mean? It means we only search what you tell us to by the bookmarks you submit. The more bookmarks, the more pages and sites we crawl.

While we are just an alpha, our technology already does just that. But in order to grow and show more general searches (ie a search that does not match any pages in your bookmark list) we need more bookmarks to be populated in our system. Now if you have a delicious or magnolia account, we make this rather easy. Just tell us your username details and we will do the rest.

If you have any friends or buddies in your social network that has a lot of bookmarks, ask them to stop on by to help us out. The more bookmarks we get, the better and more custom Nsyght’s search will be.

I signed up when they took the wrappers off in September and I’ve “donated” 1,500 bookmarks since then. So, sign up, dive in and help out- your search results will thank you.

And while you’re there, add me as a “friend” so that our search results get better as well…

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