The End of Email?

Email looks like it might be enjoying the end of its reign as the de facto killer app.

The post and graph below from Hitwise really brings home where the web is going. For the first time last month, UK Internet visits to social networks (blue line) overtook visits to web-based email services (orange line). As the chart below illustrates, Hitwise’s category of the top 25 social networks, which includes Facebook, Bebo and MySpace, accounted for 5.17% of all UK Internet visits, compared to 4.98% for Computers and Internet – Email Services, which includes Hotmail; Yahoo! Mail and Gmail, amongst others.


Moving to the wireless web, one of the key reasons I’m looking forward to buying an iPhone tomorrow is not just the “appleberry” that will be with me at all times, it’s twitter, facebook, etc at my fingertips. Always on, all the time –

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