Social Search- Mahalo’s new move

I posted last week about Google’s recent foray into social search. My friends over at Mahalo launched Mahalo Social at LeWeb3 this morning, which adds the social graph to Mahalo’s search results.

The profile pages (see C.K.’s here) allow you to contribute to the results pages and see what your friends are recommending as well.

Oddly, it allows you to add other sites/bookmarks etc, but that doesn’t seem to incorporate those inputs into a recommendation. Not sure why they haven’t chosen to take on as many pre-bookmarked sites as possible to help prime the “recommended links” pump. Perhaps they’ll switch that on in a few weeks time.

One thing that is clear- Mahalo’s search results are becoming better- and more robust. I also think we’ll see a loosening of the “guided” Mahalo over the coming months- with increasing emphasis on the madness of crowds…

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